Halloumi Mixed Grill

Low-Carb Keto Halloumi Salad

Low-Carb Keto Halloumi Salad


  • olive oil
  • garlic 1 clove, crushed
  • thyme a few leaves, chopped
  • portobello mushrooms 4
  • vine tomatoes 3, halved
  • halloumi 250g block, sliced
  • spinach 100g
  • avocado 1/2, peeled, stoned and sliced
  • chilli sauce to serve


  • STEP 1

    Mix 3 tbsp olive oil with the garlic and thyme. Heat the grill to medium/high.

  • STEP 2

    Brush the mushrooms and tomatoes with the garlic oil and season. Grill until the mushrooms are tender, and the tomatoes are soft but holding their shape.

  • STEP¬†3

    Fry the halloumi slices in a dry non-stick frying pan until golden on both sides.

  • STEP 4

    When everything is ready, quickly wilt the spinach in the last of the oil. Serve everything on warm plates with the sliced avocado and chilli sauce.

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