AMPK – Metabolic Switch.

How to activate AMPK for weight loss and health

The machinery of the human body is vastly complicated. However, there is one signal at the heart of it all, which controls how well that machinery works. This is the enzyme, AMPK, which is found in the hypothalamus in the brain.Hypothalamic AMPK has such omnipotence over the health of the body because it controls the […]

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Collagen for Health

collagen is anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, good for the skin and joint pain and arthritis. Gets rid of wrinkles.

I have been studying the mechanics of diet-health interactions for over 20 years. This has included analysis of the many and varied supplements available which have been found to improve health in various ways. Accumulating evidence from various lines of enquiry have elevated two particular food supplements above all the rest, in terms of sheer […]

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Leaky Gut and Metabolic Health

glycine, collagen prevents intestinal inflammation, inflammatory bowel, irritable bowel , ulcers

The ‘endotoxemia’, which results from intestinal permeability (leaky gut), is a crucially important physiological event which, I will argue here, underlies a large number of the modern ‘western’ diseases. Preventing ‘leaky gut’ and endotoxemia is a very important target, if we are to prevent and/or reverse many of the ‘western’ diseases. It has been called […]

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The Best Supplements to Burn Fat and Decrease Food Cravings.

The Best Supplements for Weight Loss, Fat Burning and Food Cravings

As described in detail IN THIS POST, we now know that the energy regulator of the body, AMPK, regulates body fat and all of the diseases which are characteristic of ‘western’ society.AMPK inhibition in the hypothalamus in the brain, increases satiety, decreases appetite, increases fat ‘burning’ and increases the energy level and function of every […]

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Carbohydrate Timing For Weight-Loss

Eat carbohydrates strategically to boost metabolism and break through low carb weight loss stalls.

Carbohydrate timing/cycling to break through low carb weight loss stalls. ​Background: The master health regulator in the brain, the hypothalamus, controls appetite, fat burning, body weight, metabolic health and many other health parameters. As I described in ‘The New Science of Low Carb’; when we lose weight, we experience a drop in leptin levels, which means […]

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The Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss

Good sleep is essential for appetite and body weight control.

Good sleep is essential for appetite and body weight control. The importance of sleep in regulating health and metabolism is becoming more widely recognised.A study found that when subjects were deprived of sleep, at 4 hours a night, for four days; they took 40% longer than normal to regulate blood sugar levels after a high […]

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can I have alcohol on a low carb diet? How does alcohol affect weight loss?

Can I have alcohol on a low carb diet? Several studies have found that moderate drinkers are less likely to die, have reduced rates of heart disease and depression and they tended to have lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and suffer less from stress.As these health parameters are all indicators of hypothalamic function, it […]

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Why Soy Protein is in Fact an Awesome Food for Weight Loss

Soy protein is an unfairly maligned weight loss and health super food: Low fat, high protein, low carb and rich in metabolism boosting phytonutrients and fibre. Perfect for healthy, low carb, weight loss recipes.

There has been much debate about soy protein and its effects on health. The latest ‘cutting edge’ research strongly supports the idea that soy has been unfairly maligned, based on half truths and a lack of understanding of the complexities of human physiology.Misinformation and misunderstandings abound in the realm of internet ‘science’.Before we come to […]

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Why Leafy Greens are Awesome for Weight Loss

Don't forget your leafy greens on your low carb diet. You need the vitamin C to convert cholesterol to bile acids. Leafy greens control the appetite leading to easier, sustainable weight loss.

Green leafy vegetables have been shown in studies to increase metabolism, reduce appetite and increase fat burning.There are several mechanisms by which green leafy vegetables work  to achieve this:1.) ThylakoidsThylakoids are membrane bound compartments which can be found in the chloroplast of the cell in green leafy veg. The chloroplast is where photosynthesis takes place […]

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